Interview Preparation

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You’ve secured the interview with the company you’ve wanted to work with for many years, you’re confident in your capabilities, and you’re excited for the day to come around. Are you ready?

Here are some interview preparation tips from the best staffing agencies Dallas TX has to offer to help you nail your next job interview:


Lynne Stewart, President of SUPERIORHIRE, hosted a video series entitled “Lynne’s Tips”. In these videos, Lynne gives some of her most valuable advice for having a successful interview. The topics she covers include:

Know Where You Are Going
Map out directions to the office where your interview will be held. Know how long it will take you to get there (be sure to factor in extra time for traffic) and where to park once you arrive. These are all basic research items, but crucial to make sure you arrive a few minutes in advance and are not rushed. Arriving late or thinking you’re going to be late will only add to your stress level when you should be relaxed and calm.

Dress For Success
Take time to call the company to learn about their culture. Do employees wear business casual all week, or do they dress in suits and ties? You should dress at their level or slightly above, but never looking like you don’t respect them. Men, the two-day-old beard is very popular today; but it is not appropriate for an interview. Men should be clean shaven, with trimmed hair, and clean fingernails. Ladies, be sure your hair is pulled back out of your face, your nails are manicured, and your makeup is modest. Dress for success and look like you are interviewing for a position a couple of steps above where you actually are.

Know Your Interviewer
What is the personality of the person with whom you will be interviewing? Is the interviewer your prospective supervisor, or someone from the Human Resources department? Ask your recruiter to share insights on the people with whom you will be talking. Are they direct and to the point without engaging in much casual conversation? If so, you’ll know how to talk to them by giving bottom line results of your achievements. Find out as much about people as you can in advance and validate what you were told when you meet them and enter their office for the first time.

Know The Company
Research the company where you will be interviewing and know something about them before you arrive. Read through their website, look at their blog, or read about their current news that they publish. Take advantage of their social media sites and see what they are saying about themselves. Do a Google search for the latest news. Are they a public company? If so, take a look at the financial performance of the company for the last year and the last quarter. With all of the technology available today you should not walk into any interview without a working knowledge of who they are and what news they have been making.

Be prepared for every interview, no matter the job. You may only have one opportunity to wow your interviewer. You might need to have multiple interviews to land this job, but if you don’t get on base in the first interview, you’ll never score the job.

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