How to End an Interview
March 3, 2015 Matt Ramsey

How to End an Interview

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The end of a job interview can be awkward. You want to leave a memorable impression in your potential employer, but fumbling over your words at the end of an interview may leave more of an impression than your resume and skills.

What Not to Say at the End of an Interview

How to end an interview is an important skill that many job hunters fail to practice. How do you exit the conversation in the most professional way? What should you say, and what should you not say? Instead of asking, “What’s the next step?” or “When will you make a decision?” ask “Is it OK if I contact you if I haven’t heard from you?” This can help you avoid frustrating your interviewers or getting brush-off answers like: “we’ll get in touch”.

Make Yourself Memorable

In preparing for the end of an interview, you should develop your “closing statement.” This statement should reiterate your interest in the position and the company and express gratitude for the chance to discuss the job opportunity in person. Here are a few tips for closing an interview:

  • Remind the interviewer of two or three of the unique skills and capabilities you will bring to the position.
  • Be sure to get the names, titles, and contact info of everyone you met during your interview. The best way to do this is to ask for their business card.
  • Get the interviewer engaged by asking what they are most proud of regarding their department or the opportunity. Another great question to ask is “Why do you love working here?”
  • Close the sale by asking “Do you think that I could be successful in this position?” Don’t be afraid of the response. If the interviewer expresses concern about a particular lack of experience, for example, you have one last opportunity to provide additional information that might fill in some blanks for the interviewer.
  • Thank everyone involved with your interview for their time and let them know you are excited about the opportunity. Be sure to thank the support staff on your way out!
  • After you leave the interview, write down everything you remember about the conversation. This will provide you with some specifics you can include in your thank you letter.


Once you have crafted your closing statement, it’s time to practice, practice, practice! You want your interview to leave a lasting impression, and the best way to do that is to be prepared for the interview from start to finish.

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