Three Tricky Interview Topics and How to Handle Them
February 17, 2015 Matt Ramsey

Three Tricky Interview Topics and How to Handle Them

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Have you ever been on a job interview and had questions you wanted to ask, but weren’t sure of  best way to get the information you were looking for? How you handle tricky interview topics might make the difference between getting an offer and being passed up for the job.

Here are three tricky interview topics you might encounter and how to handle them:

Topic 1: Addressing Salary & Benefits

Salary and benefits are often the first things on any candidate’s mind, but they should certainly not be the first topic you address during an interview. When you walk into the interview, have a number in your head. Know the amount you would like to make based on your skills and experience (keep it realistic), but also know the low end of what you are willing to accept.

Instead of asking “What will my salary be?” ask what the salary range is that the budget has allowed for this position. When negotiating, consider all the qualifications and expectations listed within the job description. Do you have experience in each of those areas? If so, you have an opportunity to earn the high end of the salary range. If you are lacking experience in some areas, don’t expect to earn the top end of that salary range when first starting the job.

Topic 2: Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry

At one time or another, we’ve all had negative experiences at work. But that doesn’t mean we need to talk about those experiences with others, especially with a potential employer. Just like you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) talk about your ex on a first date with a new guy or gal, keep your interview discussion positive and avoid saying anything negative about your previous job — no matter now toxic the environment or how difficult your employer.

Topic 3: But What Can the Company Do for Me?

Of course you want the opportunity for advancement within a new job — and rightly so. But as President Kennedy might have said, “Ask not what the company can do for you. Ask what you can do for the company.” If you are interviewing for a position at a new company, most likely, there will be room for you to advance. Consider that a given. If you want to know how you can advance, ask what you can do to benefit the company and you’ll find your answer.

Have a SUPERIOR Hiring Experience 

When you work with SUPERIORHIRE to find your next job, we’ll handle some of these tricky topics for you. We will know your salary range and will work to get you the best salary possible. But we will also work to place you in a position in which we know you will be able to deliver on everything the employer wants and needs.

If the topic of salary and benefits comes up during an interview, simply direct the interviewee to discuss that with us. We know what you want/need to earn, and will handle that topic for you.

The interview process can be daunting. Why go it alone when you can have a partner like SUPERIORHIRE on your side looking out for your best interests? Contact us today to get started on the road to your new career.

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