Selling Yourself

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“The good news: being great has nothing to do with a natural gift; talent has little or nothing to do with greatness. You can make yourself into any number of things and you can even make yourself great.” — Geoffrey Colvin.

While Colvin’s statement is true, you must sell yourself to your future employer and doing so takes preparation and practice, practice, and more practice.

The number one item on every CEO’s agenda is to hire talented employees who will help his or her company grow and expand. You must sell yourself as this person.

Your number one goal as a prospective employee is to sell yourself to the employer by demonstrating what value you can bring to the company, how you can reduce overhead and expenses, increase the efficiency of the company’s assets, and or grow revenue.

Here are four tips from the best staffing company Dallas has to offer to sell yourself in an interview:


CEOs and business owners need people who can help solve their business’ problems. Be prepared to speak to situations in your past employment where you solved or helped to solve problems; including how you became aware of the problem, how you came up with potential solutions, and how you implemented those solutions and the result of your actions. Tell stories, paint word pictures, and even have available case studies on the problems that you solved. Sell yourself as a problem solver, because every CEO needs more problem solvers in their business.


Never talk negatively about a past employer or supervisor. Regardless of how you were treated by either, never talk down about them. Instead, be prepared to discuss your resume and why you left each of your last several positions. Talk about the successes that you accomplished at each position, and how you impacted the companies’ bottom lines. Be aware of your posture, your handshake, and your eye contact. Sit up straight, lean in, and be engaged in the conversation. As best as you can, mirror the person you’re talking with. If they are leaning towards you, lean in towards them. If their tonality of voice is slow and measured, keep yours measured as well.


At the end of every interview comes the sum it up question from the interviewer, “Do you have any questions?” Be prepared to ask two or three questions, such as: “What will my first week be like?” and “What do you see my accomplishments being in the first 30, 60, and 90 days?” Be assumptive, and speak in the first person, as if you already have the job.


If you interview with one of SUPERIORHIRE’s recruiters they will ask you to share success stories, but most interviewers will not, so start ahead of them and prepare to wow them. Start with your current job, and tell your interviewer from the beginning of that job where you started; what your responsibilities were; how you moved up; what you accomplished; and how you increased revenue, decreased costs, or increased efficiency. Then move to the previous job and do the same review. Demonstrate how you will accomplish these tasks in the job you’re interviewing for right now. Employers want to know how you’re going to help them in their organization and will you fit into the culture of the company that has been developed over the years. Present these facts in story form, because it is human nature to relate to stories. Interviewers can relate to these success stories because they can see how you will contribute to the success of their own company. In doing so, you will take command of the interview and present yourself like no other candidate.

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