Advice from the Experts: How Can a Dallas Staffing Agency Help My Business?
April 20, 2015 Matt Ramsey

Advice from the Experts: How Can a Dallas Staffing Agency Help My Business?

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What is a Business Development Manager?

Every company considering a Dallas staffing agency wonders how the process works and who is going to make sure that their company’s needs are met. SUPERIORHIRE’s Business Development Managers strive to foster the best experience for our clients, making sure they understand the culture and needs of each company and selecting candidates that are a perfect fit. Our Business Development Managers are the liaison between our clients and recruiters and are generally the first person that a client will see. They spend time getting to know our clients and discuss how they will help address some of the staffing pain points the companies are facing.

Common Staffing Pain Points 

  • Having trouble finding qualified candidates to fill their positions.
  • Wanting peace of mind that staffing needs will be met no regardless of peaks and valleys in the industry or economy.
  • Needing someone who can spend the time to find a perfect personality fit as well as resume fit.

Business Development Managers save our clients time, making sure that the time they invest with a company in the front end will pay off. They work with the SUPERIORHIRE team to find candidates, qualify them, and do background checks. By the time they present candidate options, they feel confident that the candidates are the best fit for the client.

Meet Nicole Knott


Nicole thrives in a collaborative environment which has made her a perfect fit for SUPERIORHIRE. It didn’t take long for Nicole to show her dedication to finding the right candidates for our clients. “I’m really going to listen.” she explained. “That way they can tell me what they are looking for and I can be their one stop shop, whether it’s for market and candidate rates or advice.” She is happy to apply her knowledge about process and flow, what a candidate driven market means, and how industries are evolving to our client’s ever-changing needs.


Nicole’s Tip for 1st Time Staffing Clients

If your company is considering using a staffing service for the first time, Nicole suggests that you:

“Invest the time upfront, getting into the nitty-gritty of what the culture and hiring setup is going to look like, will make the process go smooth. We build specific profiles that include information about their cultural fit and expectations so when they call six months down the road, we have a solid basis that can be referred to. Management styles can vary even within different departments so it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the client who is looking for the job.”

Meet Cassidy Rohde 


Cassidy started working with SUPERIORHIRE in 2013 and she immediately identified with our culture. “When I saw how everyone worked together towards the same goal, I wanted to be a part of that.” When she works with a client, Cassidy meets with the hiring manager for the job to get an idea of what works best for their team. “In a large corporation, there are a lot of differences between departments. I want to meet with the person they are going to be reporting to so I can find the best candidate to meet their needs. After spending the time to understand our client’s needs, Cassidy carefully screens candidates. “Regardless of the level of position, we meet with all of the candidates in person ands so that we know our candidates’ personalities as well as resumes.”

Cassidy’s Tip for 1st Time Staffing Clients

“We want to save time and energy for our clients, but we also want to make sure that we are sending candidates to be interviewed at the most convenient time. The hiring process is smoother when our clients are in a position to interview candidates and are ready to fill the job quickly.  So I encourage clients to wait to pull the trigger until they are truly ready to fill the position.” If you’re not sure about timing, give us a call and we will be happy to talk through the options that are best for your company.”

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