How to Keep Your Employees Happy in 2016
January 19, 2016 Matt Ramsey

How to Keep Your Employees Happy in 2016

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Employees are on the move in 2016, according to a Career Builder survey, keeping employers on their toes.

The survey found that one in five employees plan to have another job by the end of 2016, a five percent increase since last year. The survey also found that the younger the worker, the more likely they are to leave — 30 percent of workers 18 to 34 expect to find new work this year.

Why are so many employees in the market for a new job? It’s not all about the money. According to Career Builder, here are four factors that are more important than salary when considering a new position:

  • Good boss — 51 percent of those surveyed said a “good boss” is more important than salary
  • Location — 56 percent of workers say location is an important factor to consider
  • Affordable benefits — Health insurance and other benefits must be affordable, says 59 percent of survey respondents
  • Job stability — 65 percent of employees will change jobs for a more stable career.

If you want to retain your employees, don’t jump so quickly to offer them a raise. Job satisfaction isn’t all about bonuses, perks, and paid vacation. Here are some ways human resources experts suggest employers can keep their employees happy.

Be transparent.

It costs you nothing, but it requires an ongoing dialogue between management and staff about the state of the company and the direction the organization is headed. Transparency in the workplace is absolutely essential if employers want to keep their employees satisfied.

Prioritize work-life balance.

When employees feel their job contributes to a rich, fulfilling life experience, they are far more likely to stay put. Show employees you recognize and value the importance of work-life balance. Model it in your own life, and make room for balance in the lives of your employees.

Foster open communication.

Create an environment that invites employees to communicate and share ideas with management and their peers. Make common spaces welcoming and comfortable. Have regular one-on-one conversations with employees to stay in touch and maintain the employee/employer bond.

Create room for growth.

Most employees aren’t just looking for a job. They’re searching for a career pathway. Create room for growth and have regular career planning discussions with employees. Make sure they are aware of career paths and job opportunities within the organization.

Reward employees.

Take time to recognize a job well done and reward employees for their achievements. Small gestures like an extra day off, tickets to a show, or a gift card to their favorite restaurant can go a long way.

Encourage health and wellness.

Healthy employees are productive, creative employees. When employers value the health and wellness of their employees, it can control health care costs and boost effectiveness, production and even revenue for the organization.

Seek employee input.

Employees want to feel like they are part of the big picture; like their voice matters. Survey your own workforce to gain insights from employees on how to shape a positive and creative work environment and improve employee satisfaction.

Today’s employees aren’t just looking for work, they are searching for jobs that will add satisfaction to their lives. Listen to your employees, and make every effort to create an environment that keeps employees feeling valued and appreciated.

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