Fill Your Positions and Beat the Competition: Advice on Hiring Time from Your Dallas Staffing Agency
August 14, 2015 Matt Ramsey

Fill Your Positions and Beat the Competition: Advice on Hiring Time from Your Dallas Staffing Agency

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Dallas employers are beginning to lose candidates as their time-to-fill rates are increasing. This is not all that is increasing, however, as the amount of hiring going on among candidates is also booming. Companies are taking longer than they have in over a decade to fill jobs, causing them to lose potential candidates to other organizations.

Recent reports show that the average time for a job to be open to the time an offer is extended is over four weeks and growing. This is just the opposite for unemployment, as Dallas has become one of the top areas in the nation for jobs. A leading reason why job offers are turned down is, in fact, because the candidate accepted another position.

The Dallas metro area is a candidate-driven market, making it the perfect time for candidates and clients to work with SUPERIORHIRE, your Dallas staffing agency. In today’s market and especially in the Dallas area, competition for employees is getting stiffer as companies are losing candidates and in need of sources for employees. Our Dallas staffing agency specializes in finding and recruiting vertical markets and develops and maintains relationships with employees in each industry we specialize in. We have leveraged our contacts with successfully placed employees to become the firm they can trust and refer others to.

Working with our Dallas staffing agency gives companies access to passive candidates, or people who are employees but are silently open to new career opportunities, who are only reachable through recruiters because they are not on job boards.

SUPERIORHIRE’s Dallas staffing agency will also save companies time by sorting through the resumes and qualifying hundreds of applicants on a monthly basis. We evaluate their skills and qualities against other applicants and only send candidates who have been screened against the companies’ requirements, have the skills to perform at a high level and are going to be a good fit for the company culture.

As for the candidates, working with our Dallas staffing agency will ensure that someone is acting as your advocate and negotiating on your behalf for the highest starting salary and compensation. Many companies use internal recruiters where resumes are submitted electronically and every candidate is placed at the same level, as opposed to an outside recruiter who will present your resume to the hiring manager and tell that person about your personality and success stories to get you in for that first interview.

If your company is ready to hire and wants to fill a job in time without losing candidates, or if you are in the market for a job and need someone to promote you in front of the hiring team, you need a Dallas staffing agency like SUPERIORHIRE. Contact us today to find the right solution for your hiring needs.

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