Dallas is a Candidate Driven Market: How to Adjust Your Recruiting Practices to Match the Market
June 17, 2015 Matt Ramsey

Dallas is a Candidate Driven Market: How to Adjust Your Recruiting Practices to Match the Market

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The landscape of the job market is changing, and things are drastically different than they were even a year ago. The power is no longer in the hands of the employers. Today’s market is a candidate driven market and the power has shifted to the job-seekers.

The new candidate driven market means employers must be ready to act when they find a qualifying candidate—or risk losing top talent to another company or even competitor. Job candidates will not tolerate a long application process or a poor candidate experience. Hiring managers who are successful at recruiting top talent in a candidate driven market are aware of this shift in power, and are willing to adjust their recruiting practices accordingly.

How does a candidate driven market affect the hiring process?

Dallas is a candidate driven market, the talent you may be looking for is likely already employed—or quickly receiving job offers. Candidates today expect a quick hiring process, and feedback from employers. As an employer, you do not have a few weeks to mull over a hiring decision. Top talent goes fast, so you must be ready to hire when you start looking for candidates, and ready to make a decision to hire within days of interviewing.

To succeed in this market, employers must:

  • Strengthen their brand—including building a strong web and social media presence.
  • Maintain a talent pipeline.
  • Build strong relationships established on trust.
  • Develop compelling job descriptions.
  • Recognize that top employees can be most effective at “selling” their company to prospects.
  • Improve the interviewing process and offer remote interviewing capability.
  • Expedite the offer process, while personalizing offers to be more competitive.

How can a staffing agency help?

It’s tough to find qualifying job candidates, but working with an experienced staffing agency can help your company find top talent to fill your open positions.

When you choose the right employment agency to locate and vet candidates for your job, consider them an extension of your human resources department. At SUPERIORHIRE, it’s our goal to find the right candidates for the right positions. Our team of recruiters will work closely with your hiring managers to develop a profile about your company and know exactly what kinds of people you are looking for.

Dallas is a hot, candidate driven job market. Several corporate headquarters are relocating to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, bringing with them thousands of jobs. Don’t lose qualified and experienced job candidates to other companies; hire a staffing agency that will be your one stop shop for all of your employment needs. In addition to helping you locate top candidates in your industry, SUPERIORHIRE is available for all your employment needs, whether you are looking for market or candidate rates, advice on the process and flow, or information on how industries are changing. Contact SUPERIORHIRE today to get connected to our recruiting and employment experts.

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