SUPERIORHIRE and Sightline Search, Inc. Agree to Merge


SUPERIORHIRE an award-winning recruiting and staffing company and Sightline Search, Inc have agreed to merge their respective businesses and operate under the name SUPERIORHIRE effective December 9th, 2019. “We are very excited to have John C. Edwards and his team join us and bring their many years of experience and relationships to our team”, says Clifford Stewart, COO/Managing Partner of SUPERIORHIRE.


Cliff - Superior Hire - Dallas Staffing Agency

Managing Partner

“By combining our two experienced teams we are able to offer our respective clients a larger network of candidates which will lead to faster fill rates while maintaining the quality our clients have grown accustomed to.”

Sightline Search, Inc

John C. Edwards, President/CEO of Sightline Search, Inc. will be joining the team along with Marva Walker, Senior Recruiter. John will focus his efforts on new business development and assuring a seamless transition of their clients and employees over to the SUPERIORHIRE platform and wants everyone to know that this merger is an alignment of two boutique staffing firms with like vision, morals and business ethics. 

Lynne - Superior Hire - Dallas Staffing Agency


Lynne has been called a “connector of ideas and people and a true leader in the staffing and recruiting industry.” As President of SUPERIORHIRE, “I have been the benefactor of getting to know so many people and helping them attain their career objectives.”

Sightline Search, Inc
Senior Recruiter

Marva will continue in her role as Senior Recruiter and will bring her 25 years of experience to SUPERIORHIRE where she is warmly welcomed with the relationships she has built and maintained in her many years in staffing and recruiting. Lynne Stewart, President of SUPERIORHIRE is truly excited to be able to work alongside Marva with her maturity and passion for the business.

Clients of Sightline Search will be notified of the merger the week of November 18th and will receive their first invoice from SUPERIORHIRE on Tuesday, December 17th along with a change of remittance address and ACH payment information.

All Sightline Search employees will be onboarded the weeks of November 18th and November 25th onto the SUPERIORHIRE platform and will receive their first payroll on December 20th. Their last payroll from Sightline will be the prior week on December 13th.

For more information please contact John Edwards at johnedwards@sightlinesearch.com, Clifford Stewart at cliff.stewart@SUPERIORHIRE.com, Lynne Stewart at lynne.stewart@SUPERIORHIRE.com and Marva Walker at marvawalker@sightlinesearch.com. The Sightline Search telephone and fax numbers will be forwarded to the SUPERIORHIRE office located at 5001 Spring Valley Road, Suite 260W, Dallas, TX 75244, located just north of the Galleria Mall. Contact information is (t) 972-248-4422 and (f) 972-392-1745, www.SUPERIORHIRE.com.