How to Create an Employer Brand: Advice from Your Dallas Staffing Agency on Establishing Your Company’s Identity
November 10, 2015 Matt Ramsey

How to Create an Employer Brand: Advice from Your Dallas Staffing Agency on Establishing Your Company’s Identity

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What is employer branding?

Employer branding is, by definition, the process of promoting your company as the employer of choice among candidates in your target market. Employer branding is vital to the company’s attractiveness to ideal employees, and this helps the company recruit and retain employees that are the best fit for the job and company culture.

The employer brand is the company’s identity as an employer of choice. When you are creating content for potential employees, you need a personality to incorporate into your talent acquisition strategy to ensure that candidates are intrigued and feel positively about your brand.

How do I develop an employer brand?

When developing your employer brand, it is important to align your corporate brand with your employer brand. There should be a clear connection between your company’s identity with those on the outside and those working within the company. Your current employees should represent your brand positively in all that they do.

When it comes to attracting new talent, every applicant is a potential advocate for your brand, whether they are the right fit for the job or not. All applicants should be treated equally. You should promote your culture and any rewards you have received as an employer to potential employees.

When interviewing candidates, make sure that the questions you are asking and the attitude you are conveying is parallel with your brand as an employer. Once you have chosen a candidate, use your on-boarding process to reinforce your employer brand and make sure it becomes a reality for the new employee. Continue to remind your employees of what attracted them to your company in the first place.

As the elastic workforce shifts, your employer brand should also grow and be dynamic with industry trends over time.

What can I do to attract candidates to my brand?

The first step to attracting candidates is to engage with them through fresh, interesting content. Share content with candidates that will blend in with the information they come across on a daily basis and that matches your company culture and branding.

Market your content to your target audience, and create a content calendar to keep sharing consistent, timely information. Pull your ideas from external sources and use links to increase engagement. Get your employees to share your content on their own personal networks and to follow your company’s networks.

If you are ready to attract new employees and fill positions with the right candidates for your company’s identity and brand, contact SUPERIORHIRE, your Dallas staffing agency, and ask how we can help you today.