Safe and reliable transportation provided by SUPERIORHIRE
March 22, 2016 Matt Ramsey

Safe and reliable transportation provided by SUPERIORHIRE

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Transportation by car, driving to work, picking up a last minute grocery item, taking your children to baseball practice or just going to the mall on Saturday; we all think nothing of it. But what if you didn’t have a car or one that was totally unreliable; it might get you there but you don’t really know if it can get you home? You might just have to walk home or be stranded with your mother and her grandchildren. What if you were fearful of keeping your family safe or braving the night to get to the emergency room?The SUPERIORHIRE owners and staff deliver the first car to the Agape Resource and Assistance Center for a family in dire need of transportation. Left to right: Kimberly Calton, Beth Feagins, Abby Heasley, Lynne Stewart, Janet Collinsworth, Randi, Hunter, Jan, Chad Petersen and Cassidy Rohde.

This was just a glimpse of life for a multi-generational family living in Plano; a grandmother, her two daughters and their five children – all living with the help of the Agape Resource and Assistance Center and Founder and Executive Director, Janet Collinsworth and her staff.

This family, which must remain anonymous because of the work that Agape is doing for them, was in dire need of safe and dependable transportation. The owners of SUPERIORHIRE, Clifford and Lynne Stewart, have known Janet from her service at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Plano for many years and when she told Lynne and Cliff about this family last year they knew what needed to be done. We talked it over with our staff and everyone decided to forgo giving Christmas gifts to our clients and look for a car that we could purchase for this family. With the help of Park Autohaus in Dallas and owner Sam we were able to purchase a Chrysler Town & Country minivan for what we normally would spend on our gifts for our clients every year. We invited our clients to attend a luncheon where they could meet Janet Collinsworth and to hear firsthand what great work she is doing in Plano at the Agape Resource and Assistance Center. Several of our clients even stepped up and contributed money to the fund used to purchase this first car.

The family was very grateful for this blessing provided to them and told us that this gift has brought so much stability to their lives and removed just one more barrier to a more normal life again. They have a long way to go to get back to what most of us would consider “normal” but safe and reliable transportation goes a long way. If you would like to learn more about the godly work performed on a daily basis by Agape, please check out their website at http://hope4agape.com/agape-resource-assistance-center.