Professional Search

Professional and Executive Search Dallas

When you need to expand your team and you’re looking to hire your next high-level accounting, finance, human resources, or administrative professional, you want someone that’s heads down; someone adding value to their current company, but for reasons known only to us, they are looking for their next challenge.

That’s where the professional search group at SUPERIORHIRE comes into focus. We don’t search the job boards to find people who are waving their resumes around – you can find those yourself.

By consistently developing a network of professionals, we have established a trusted relationship with a high performing group of passive candidates and are actively marketing them to companies who understand the value of that relationship. Our knowledgeable, results-driven team of recruiters spend hours with them, digging into their backgrounds, evaluating their skills and personalities and identifying the business culture where they will fit best. By investing time with these high performing professionals, we develop a deep understanding of their needs and what type of opportunity will fit them best.

The same holds true for working with clients, we partner with you to manage every step of the recruiting process. By going beyond the two-dimensional job description and talking to the managers that this new employee will be working with and reporting to; only then can a true picture of their daily, weekly and monthly priorities be created. By spending this time up front and developing a deep understanding of the inner workings of the position itself the more accurate our presentations will be and the more efficient the overall search becomes.

To start a search or get to know us on a personal level, contact the Professional Search Division of SUPERIORHIRE:

Nick Mathews – Accounting and Finance

Lynne Stewart – Human Resources

Megan Walker – Director of Recruiting, Administrative and Clerical