Olivia Thomas

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Olivia moved to Fort Worth, Texas to pursue a degree from Texas Christian University in Advertising and Public Relations. Throughout her college career, Olivia enjoyed being involved with campus and community activities including the TCU Women and Gender Studies Organization, which led to a minor degree and she remains a proud advocate for gender equality. The Bob Schieffer College of Strategic Communication allowed Olivia to complete a variety of unique courses that formed her character as an ethical and responsible leader.

As a recruiter, Olivia says, “There is so much that I can do to help women’s self confidence when they are positioning themselves for their next career move and I welcome the opportunity to have a positive influence on their lives and their careers.”

Olivia understands the importance of being an excellent communicator with her clients and being an advocate for the women she is fortunate to build relationships with and to be able to help them in their careers. Look for more information and great things to come from Olivia in the future.